Match Analysis

Want to get the most out of your matches?

Have your wrestling matches analyzed by 2x All- American Jason Layton. Jason has learned what techniques work and always strives to show you the best answer in any given wrestling position. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from someone who has dedicated his life to the art of wrestling.

Sample Analysis:

What can you expect?

When you decide to have a match analyzed, the first thing Jason will do is answer any specific questions you have about the match. Jason will go on to analyze your match in real-time stopping on every key moment of the match. In addition to making suggestions on what you could improve upon, Jason will record and/or link videos to the accurate techniques to help you improve. The analysis will be privately shared on YouTube, so you can access it anywhere, and you’ll never have to worry about losing it.

How to submit your video and questions:

The fee for match analysis is $10 per minute of footage analyzed, or $8/minute if you are willing to let me publicly post it on my YouTube channel. To have your match analyzed please send your questions, a link to the video (preferably on YouTube), and payment by filling out this link:

You can also email Jason directly at