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The DYNAMIC Wrestling Academy is a premier wrestling club directed by collegiate All-American Jason Layton.

At Dynamic we have a unique approach to learning the art of wrestling. In addition to our group training, all students are encouraged to receive one on one instruction; this allows us to teach at a much quicker pace and cover complex ideas. Dynamic specializes in private lessons so that you can learn proper technique and eliminate bad habits. A coach will give you 100% of his attention. We guarantee improvement with dramatic results.

Our philosophy of training in a one-on-one setting allows our school’s curriculum to be more advanced than traditional group instruction. When we do teach in the group setting, every wrestler has already been familiarized with the instructions and skills being practiced. We do not learn in the group setting, the group setting is for reviewing and drilling.

Dynamic’s curriculum is comprehensive, taking you from the basics to the super technical. All of our movements have been filmed and built into a video series appropriate to the wrestler’s ability. Each wrestler is given video containing the moves he is currently working on, and will not move on to the next grade level until he is able to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the material covered. We administer periodic tests when we believe a wrestler is ready to move on to the next level of the curriculum.

Turning Underdogs Into Champions!

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  • Matt Kaminer
    Jason has a passion for the sport of wrestling that is unparalleled. He takes a personal interest in those who come to him looking to work and make improvements that bring the desire to do so. If you are looking to make big gains in all phases of your wrestling and get into excellent shape, Jason is the guy to call.
    Matt Kaminer