The Dynamic Wrestling Academy EST. 2013


At Dynamic we are not a traditional wrestling program. Our approach to training is what separates us from other schools. We truly believe that anyone can learn the art of wrestling through time, effort and proper teaching.

In addition to our daily group training, we strongly encourage 1 on 1 instruction. A 1 on 1 setting allows our coaches to give your child 100% of their attention so (s)he can learn perfect technique. This also allows our coaches to tailor our wrestling curriculum to your child. We then reinforce those lessons in the group setting. When our students attend group practices, every wrestler is already familiar with the material and technique being practiced, which makes group practice the perfect place for your child to practice their technique and build great habits.

We're developing the best and most efficient wrestling curriculum for you and your children. Our videos are easy to follow along with, breaking movements down into simple steps that anyone can follow. Our wrestling program will teach your child a complete approach. We will take your child from the basics to the collegiate level, and everything they learn will be filmed into a video series that is open for you to access.(see below).
Dynamic~ Turning Underdogs Into Champions!