Monthly Membership Pricing

Effective Starting 2/1/23

Group Membership

Our membership includes unlimited practices and use of the weight room

*The prices listed below are per month (drop in fee $25)


Recurring Membership


Non-Recurring Membership


Girls Practices


Ages 12 and Under Kids Jiu-Jitsu


3-6 Year Old Practices


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes

Hourly 1 on 1 Pricing

Training Packages

You can always purchase an individual lesson for $50/hour

Introductory Package

Includes an introduction to the sport of wrestling and an overview of the rules. We will get you started with 4 private lessons, which will be more than enough to get you acclimated to the Dynamic Wrestling Academy! 1 Per wrestler

Elite Athlete Development Program

A custom made training plan where every step of your wrestler's development will be tailor-made with full guidance from head coach and lead technician Jason Layton. If you are interested, please schedule a consultation 516-386-0225

Private Lessons

Why do privates?

How to pick a partner?

The best partners for private lessons are not necessarily wrestlers that are better than your child, but wrestlers that focus hard and are even slightly worse than your child. This will allow them to win in the learning positions. It is very important that you choose partners that will be appropriate for building your child's confidence, while also challenging them. The other things to consider are how focused the other wrestler is, how hard they work, how far along they are in the curriculum, and how much of a team player they are going to be.

Children who work hard together become friends and are closely matched, making excellent partners for private lessons.