The 4 Part System

System 1

System one is Focused on Stabilization and Technique Training. Introducing Strength training and understanding the techniques and the mechanics of the fundamental exercises while learning how strength training improves your strength and overall health

System 2

System Two introduces more Endurance and Challenging weight training exercises once there is confidence in the basic exercises. This includes timed exercises, supersets where multiple workouts are done before rest, and til failure challenges. Increasing the knowledge of weight training and fitness

System 3

System three focuses on Hypertrophy. More reps and Sets and More Exercises Per Muscle Groups. The goal for this System is to increase size and muscle mass without the need of dangerously ego lifting. This is the hardest system yet the most useful because it teaches how to lift safely but effectively with intensity that can be used for life. Must be consistent and confident in System one and Two to proceed to this Section
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System 4

System 4 is The Assessment System. Less Reps, More Sets and A Lot more Rest. This is Where we Test or Re-Test the fitness level the athlete has acquired during the program. Whether its how many push ups can they do, how strong is there planks, Mile runs, and even mathematically calculating their max lift without risking injury. This System doesn't last long but it gives an idea of achievement for those participating in the program
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Why lifting weights Will improve your wrestling

By Lifting weights you'll improve you're overall strength and conditioning whether its on the mat or in everyday life. This will be achieved from learning and showcasing basic fundamentals of high quality strength and performance workouts. After this program you will be able to implement these workouts for the rest of your life.

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Everything That Will Be Covered

  • Learn how to safely lift weights
  • Learn how and why the body converts food into muscle
  • Leave with a weight lifting regimen that the athlete can use moving
    forward without direct supervision (must be 12 years or older to lift without direct supervision)
  • Get paired with good lifting partners
  • Get bigger, stronger, and more athletic.
  • Win more in competition as a result of your hard work.