Private Lessons


I build champion wrestlers. My name is Jason Layton, I am collegiate All-American who has been teaching wrestling and jujitsu full-time since 2008. I make kids very technical and get them into excellent shape. I have built good wrestlers out of average athletes countless times. Wrestling is an incredibly technical sport, it is very similar to chess; under my guidance your child will learn the best techniques so they begin to succeed at whatever level they are competing at. I work with kids of all ages and skill levels.

[su_note note_color=”#edff57″ radius=”10″]                              Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.[/su_note]

 Things you can expect to learn from one-on-one instruction:
  • How to hand-fight ferociously so that you are always in a better position than your opponent
  • How to finish every shot that you get in on. If you are not finishing, you are doing something wrong
  • How to drill. Most wrestlers stand-up between drilling moves and lose focus, you will learn the drilling habits of a champion wrestler
  • How to score on top with a variety of attacks including crab rides, ankle-lace rides, and leg rides. Top is my best position.
  • How to frustrate your opponent into making mistakes
  • How to be in better shape than your opponent (even if you’re not!)
  • Memory techniques so that new moves are assimilated and committed to reflex as fast as possible.
  • Many setups, and TONS of “setups for your setups.”
  • The proper response for specific situations you’ve been in
  • The mindsets associated with becoming an elite athlete

$35/hr per wrestler – up to 3 wrestlers
$25/hr – in a group of 4
$80/hr – one-on-one

[su_note note_color=”#edff57″ radius=”10″]                              Wrestling is a one-on-one sport, it should be taught one-on-one.[/su_note]

If you really want to make rapid improvements, please contact me for further information:

Jason Layton

Cell: (516) 996-9922




I would never turn away a hungry/motivated wrestler who couldn’t afford lessons. If you cannot afford any of the above packages, contact me and we may be able to work something out.



Dynamic Wrestling Academy

37 Dunton Avenue

Deer Park, NY  11729


I can travel to give lessons if I am compensated for my time and travel – I have traveled as far as Pennsylvania.

What to bring:
  • Notebook (mandatory)
  • Shorts
  • T-shirt
  • Wrestling Shoes
  • Water Bottle




Jason has a passion for the sport of wrestling that is unparalleled. He takes a personal interest in those who come to him looking to work and make improvements that bring the desire to do so. If you are looking to make big gains in all phases of your wrestling and get into excellent shape, Jason is the guy to call. – Matt Kaminer


Coach Layton is an outstanding instructor. He breaks everything down to the simplest form and the kids pick it up very quickly. I highly recommend coach Layton to anyone looking to take their skills to the next level. – Jim Monger


Coach Layton ran a great clinic at Williams Valley two years ago. I am excited to bring him back for another great day. – Christian Esterline


For anyone wanting to continue training I believe Jason offers great technique and a unique training environment. I can tell you my son went from a 4th place finish in state last year to dominating, only giving up 1 pt from counties through the state finals! – Dan Lukens


I have been sending my son to Jason’s and have seen a huge improvement in his technique and focus. He has been trying out his newly learned moves at any level tournament sometimes with success and sometimes not, but over the last year he’s been having greater success and confidence in his wrestling. Definitely worth trying his club out. Speed, Strength, Technique. The first two without the third will only get a wrestler so far. Jason can help bring your wrestler to the next level. Excellent teacher!


The Dynamic philosophy of one-on-one instruction is the only way kids serious about wrestling should learn. Your child will get lost in a room full of wrestlers, but with one-on-one instruction you will see results. I recommend you bring your child to wrestle with Jason Layton. I have not seen many coaches connect with children the way Jason does. My son is a second year wrestler and the improvements we have seen wrestling with Team Dynamic are incredible. – Jeff Damasco


If you want a coach who loves wrestling and cares about each child, and will get your child to reach their potential, then Jason Layton is the man! The Dynamic philosophy allows wrestlers to learn at their own pace and for each athlete to achieve the most out of their ability. I have seen an increase in my son’s confidence, technical expertise and work ethic since joining Dynamic. – Andrew Ierardi