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Team Dynamic: Video Analysis

With video analysis, you will get a detailed write-up on your most recent match(es). I will tell you what needs to be improved upon, and provide you with corresponding technique videos; If I do not already have the needed technique in our video library, I will film it especially for you.

Here is an example of a recent write-up I did for a youth wrestler named Darius from Michigan:


0:06: Needs to work on clearing his wrist and having a lower, wider stance which would have made getting taken down more difficult.

0:19: As soon as he feels the half coming in he needs to clamp down on it and look away.

0:30: good work in driving through the double, just need to drive to his feet.

0:35: Don’t lift the leg with the half, instead take a wrist. It would have made it much easier to finish.

Better break downs off the whistle.


Good job using his forearm in the neck to block his opponent from getting in on his legs.

Good standup off the whistle but, NEVER reach back.


Work on moves off of the front headlock.


[su_note note_color=”#edff57″ radius=”10″]MATCH 3[/su_note]

Same concept with the half as the first match.


1:12: When you hit a stand up and your on your feet you can do 2 different things: 1) stay up until your opponent is forced to cut you or 2) break his grip and run the circle for the escape.


Stay under his arms when you’re on top so that you don’t ride to high. You will maintain better position this way. Staying under the arms is fundamental for top wrestling.


4:15: If you kept the over-hook he would not have been able to finish the single leg. It was a good initial sprawl, but that could have been the difference in the takedown.


[su_note note_color=”#edff57″ radius=”10″]MATCH 4[/su_note]

0:05: Body lock would have been the ideal choice, it would have prevented any head lock opportunity his opponent had and could have been a 5 point move.


0:35: Great job in readjusting the half to sink it deeper, that’s what tightened up the half and got the pin.


[su_note note_color=”#edff57″ radius=”10″]MATCH 5[/su_note]

0:26: Good single leg. Nice shot and finish.


1:02-1:16: Sure you can run a bar arm with only one arm, but you need at least a wrist too in order to finish it.


You weren’t in a good stance for the second period which is why he got in on the only shot he took. Other then that it was a good quarter nelson and an even better step over for the finish. In the future, you should look to replace the quarter nelson with a higher percentage attack.




In addition to the analysis videos, below are videos targeted specifically for Darius:

T-rex position for darius

Half Nelson with Short hook finish for darius

Half and a bar for darius

Defending a double with a sprawl for darius

Schalles (chin whip)

Belly whizzer defense for Darius

Thank you for your business, I hope you are satisfied with what I have done. I have given Darius a lot of homework; please find a good drill partner so that he can get to work.


~Jason Layton

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