What is Jiu-Jitsu?

Jiu-jitsu is a martial art that teaches you how to defend yourself in situations with the least amount of effort. The fighting style focuses on leverage and technique, allowing you to overpower your opponent regardless of size or strength.


  • Classes are taught by Coach Mike
  • Coach Mike has been training Jiu Jitsu for 23 yrs. He has a 3rd Degree Black Belt under Matt Serra. And started training in the 90’s at Master Renzo Gracie’s Academy in NYC.
  • but effectively with intensity that can be used for life. Must be consistent and confident in System one and Two to proceed to this Section

Is BJJ Right For You?

  • We run both gi and no-gi classes at Dynamic Wrestling in Hauppauge
  • BJJ is great for anyone who want's to build confidence, get in shape, learn how to defend themselves, or just meet new people
  • Please note, if you don't what to be part of a team we are probably not a good fit for you. We are all very close nit family that know and care about each other inside and outside the gym

How Classes Run?

  • I like to run classes with 10-15 min warm ups nothing crazy. Less than a 1/4 mile run, some break falls and some stretching.
  • From there, I like to show a take down or series of take downs into the ground work that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is known for
  • I like to do live training from whatever positions we have worked on and then Live Rolling from the knees.
  • Depending on the levels of people in class we can do feet-to-floor matches.
  • We always end by thanking each other for the opportunity to train.