Welcome to Level 7 of the Dynamic Wrestling Curriculum

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Video Looped Video Important Details
1. The whizzer position (under-hook, over-hook, seatbelt definition)
2. Re-grabbing and throwing Looped video
  • Regrabbing and throwing (ask the to demonstrate with both the seatbelt and the whizzer)
  • Did the wrestler have a low center of gravity with his butt on his heels and his head up?
  • Did they go palm-up, and grip the forearm? (russian style grip)
  • 3. Using the whizzer Looped video
  • Did they make a fist in front of their stomach, lift off their knees, and turn their hip down (using their full body weight on the opponent)?
  • Did they drive their hips into the opponent's hips?
  • Did they know how to spin out front and escape the whizzer?
  • Did they know to step into a leg-bar if they flatten the opponent? (if the opponent never flattens, ask him to)
  • 4. Never step over the whizzer! Looped video
  • Did they stay up on their hand (many wrestlers incorrectly go down to their elbow or head when doing this move)
  • Were they able to tighten the whizzer and get back-points?
  • 5. Never step over the seatbelt! Looped video
  • Did they stay up on their hand (many wrestlers incorrectly go down to their elbow or head when doing this move)
  • Did they switch to an underhook when the guy tries to step over?
  • Did they finish with a pinning combination (like a cement mixer)?
  • 6. Limp-arm and defense Looped video
  • Limp arm
  • Did they limp their arm out in a large circle? Was the limp-arm explosive?
  • Did they turn their palm down when doing the limp-arm (the opposite of how you would throw an underhand pitch in softball)?

  • Limp arm defense
  • Did they use the whizzer to trap the opponent’s arm?
  • Did they grab it like a russian tie-up, and threaten a joint-lock?
  • Did they clasp to score the takedown? Ask them to explain why it’s OK to clasp there.
  • 7. Beef Wellington Looped video
  • Did they use this order of operations:
  • 1) Switch to an underhook
  • 2) Step up with the outside leg
  • 3) Lock wrestler’s grip on the shoulder, with the underhook hand’s palm facing away
  • 4) Pull it tight to their chest
  • 5) Return to both knees
  • 6) Pull the opponent in front of them, into a pinning combination
  • 8. Deep Wellington Looped video
  • Did the wrestler keep his head up and drop his elbow down, trapping the opponent’s arm?
  • Did the wrestler maintain a post throughout the move?
  • Did they break the opponent down by circling their hips into the opponent’s hips?
  • Fitness Requirements:

    1. 25 perfect pushups
    2. 80 Neck ups (and side to sides)
    3. 70 Situps
    4. 5 Perfect Pull-ups
    5. 5 just hands to each side
    6. Rope climb (ring the bell)
    7. 3 Circle-chasers to each side

    Practice Plan (to be done with a partner):

    Basic Drills

    1. Re-grabbing and throwing 10x
    2. Using the whizzer 10x
    3. Never step over the whizzer 10x
    4. Never step over the seatbelt 10x
    5. 80 neck ups
    6. 25 push ups
    7. Limp arm 5x
    8. Limp arm defense 20x
    9. 70 sit ups
    10. 5 just hands to each side
    11. 5 pull ups
    12. Beef wellington
    13. Deep wellington
    14. Climb the rope
    15. 3 circle chasers to each side

    Complex Drills

    1. Live goes from seatbelt whizzer (25 total)