Welcome to Level 4 of the Dynamic Wrestling Curriculum

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Video Looped Video Important Details
1. Live from the crab-ride tilt (You are doing it right if you can hold your opponent on his back for at least 2 seconds. Try not to get reversed.) No video
2. Moving from referees position to backpack position (focus on it being tight, it should be able to stop an explosive standup. Looped
  • Did they line up with their half nelson hand on the belly?
  • Was their butt off of their heel? (They should not rest their butt on their own foot)
  • Was their hand grasping the elbow, upside down?
  • Was their leg lined up very close to their opponent’s leg (knee next to knee, foot next to foot [this is the most important part])?
  • Were they able to move to a tight back-pack position?
  • 3. Crab-ride tilt from backpack (to the easy side) (can combine this with the live goes above) Looped
  • Did they pull it to the correct side (the tight-waist side)?
  • Did they keep their knee up (above their elbow) (getting an elevator is also acceptable, but ask them to demonstrate it without an elevator)?
  • Ask them “If the ref isn’t giving you backpoints yet, how would you get your opponent further on his back?” They should lean back and straighten the arm that is halfing.
  • 4. Duck under without finish Looped
  • Did they keep their elbows close together when making contact, so that their opponent doesn’t get inside control?
  • Were they deep in the armpits?
  • Did they take a small step to their lead-leg side and do a level change?
  • Did they pull the opponent over, while keeping their head up? (The opponent should be pulled forward)
  • 5. Duck-under into rear-standing crab-ride Looped
  • Were they able to swing their opponent’s feet out of the way?
  • Did they snap the opponent down, so that the opponent’s hips are lower than their own?
  • Did they bring the opponent straight down, and then back, only turning to the side at the very last moment? (Kids will often go to the side too early)
  • Were they able to combo the duck-under into the rear-standing crab-ride?
  • 6. Barzagar Finish (high-crotch with opponent on his feet) Looped
    7. Step-up Knee-slide finish (high-crotch with opponent on knees) Looped
    8. T-Rex (with opponent on his knees) Looped
    9. T-Rex to single (with opponent backing out) Looped
    10. T-Rex to heel-pick (when opponent jumps to his feet) Looped
    11. The nutcracker (from T-rex) Looped
    12. T-rex (what to do if he grabs your arm to throw you) Looped

    Fitness Requirements:

    1. 10 perfect pushups
    2. 50 neck-ups and side to sides
    3. 7 Dump trucks each in 30 seconds
    4. 40 situps
    5. Stay in wrestling stance for 2 minutes
    6. 1 Perfect Pull-up
    7. 6 wall crawls
    8. 2 “Just hands” to each side

    Practice Plan (to be done with a partner):

    Basic Drills

    Complex Drills