Welcome to Level 2 of the Dynamic Wrestling Curriculum


Video Looped Video Important Details
The main ways to score a takedown in wrestling None
Stopping your opponent from grabbing your legs with "head position" Looped
  • Were they in a square stance?
  • Did they bend their legs?
  • Did they keep their elbows in? did they have their hands open?
  • Stop a guy from spinning behind by grabbing his legs Looped
  • Stop a guy from spinning behind by grabbing his legs
  • Was their butt on their heels?
  • Were they able to finish the takedown?
  • Spinning behind using the near-armpit Looped
  • Spinning behind using the near-armpit
  • Did they place the correct arm, in the correct arm-pit, with no thumb?
  • Did they block the opponent's arm at the elbow with a “V-block” (palm facing down)?
  • Did they hook their chin over the opponent’s opposite arm-pit?
  • Did they circle behind off their knees?
  • Did they drop to their knees, and grab the far hip, with their elbow close to their body?
  • High Level Single Legs (without finishing) Looped
  • Did the wrestler perform it on their lead leg side?
  • Did they take a trigger step to the outside, and do a slight level change?
  • Did they go face first, and put their face in the right spot?
  • Did they grab the rubber?
  • Did they lock it down?
  • Dump Truck Technique (A great way for beginners to avoid being pinned) Looped
  • Did they circle their feet away from their opponents feet?
  • Did they bridge to the top of their head (incorrect), or did they go over their shoulder and head (correct)?
  • Was the top wrestler using a side-headlock? Was his positioning good?
  • Was the bottom wrestler’s arms in the correct position?
  • Fitness Requirements:

    1. 1 Perfect Pushup
    2. 30 Neck ups (and side to sides)
    3. 1 Negative pull-up
    4. static hold pull-up (10 seconds)
    5. 2 Head and hands to each side (without falling or moving your hands)
    6. 3 dump trucks each in 30 seconds
    7. 20 Situps
    8. Stay in wrestling stance 1 full minute
    9. 1 negative Wall Crawl
    10. Plank position 40 seconds

    Practice Plan (to be done with a partner):

    Basic Drills

      Complex Drills