Welcome to Level 16 of the Dynamic Wrestling Curriculum

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Video Looped Video Important Details
1. Handfighting introduction
2. Wrist clearing (how to re-grab)
3. How to control an inside tie-up
4. Outside high-crotch
5. Bang collars
6. Head transitions
7. Big Drill
8. Lead-ins
9. How to get an underhook
10. Slipped Underhook (multiple attacks)
11. Swim (from underhook)
12. Overhook lock
13. Simple Arm Drag
14. Circle Drag
15. Snap Drag
16. "Feed Him The Bone" Drag
17. Drags to knee-snatch singles

Fitness Requirements:

1. 100 Perfect push-ups
2. 30 Perfect Pull-ups
3. Beat coach Jason in a match :)

Practice Plan (to be done with a partner):

Basic Drills

  1. Wrist Clearing and ReGrab 20x (each kind of clear)
  2. Controlling an Inside Tie-Up
  3. Outside high crotch 30x
  4. Getting inside position analyse the position and hand placements 2 min
  5. Bang collars alternating 3x each side, switch partners 5x each
  6. Head transitions 20x
  7. The big drill 10 times each 3x

Complex Drills

  1. 1 big drill to some bang collars and then outside high crotch
  2. Bang collars to big drill to outside high crotch