Welcome to Level 15 of the Dynamic Wrestling Curriculum

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Video Looped Video Important Details
1. Body Locks (the ultimate goal of upper body wrestling) Looped
2. Pummeling Drill Looped
3. Pull knee-picks Pull knee-picks Looped
Pummeling into pull knee-picks Looped
4. Slide-by Looped
5. Trapped arm body lock Looped
6. Pummel to High-crotch Looped
7. Chicken dance to high body lock/chasing the body lock Looped
8. Helicopter body lock Looped
9. Snap-down if he buries his head Looped
10. Lateral Drop Looped
11. Step-lateral Drop Looped
12. Russian to Step Lateral Looped
13. Swim move from double underhooks (against double overhooks) Looped

Fitness Requirements:

1. 90 Perfect push-ups
2. 27 Perfect Pull-ups

Practice Plan (to be done with a partner):

Basic Drills

  1. Body Locks 10x each
  2. Pummeling drill 3x 30 seconds
  3. Pull knee pick 3x each side then switch partners 10x each
  4. Slide by 20x
  5. Trapped arm body lock 10x
  6. Pummel to high crotch 10x
  7. Chicken dance to high body lock 20x
  8. Helicopter body lock 10x
  9. Snap down if he buries head 10x
  10. Lateral drop 10x
  11. Step lat 10x
  12. Russian to step Lateral drop 10x
  13. Swim move from double Underhooks 10x

Complex Drills

  1. Pummel into a body lock 10x
  2. High level reach double into a body lock 10x
  3. Pummel into a pull-kneepick then do a slide-bye