Welcome to Level 14 of the Dynamic Wrestling Curriculum

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Video Looped Video Important Details
1. REVIEW: High Crotch defense
2. Discussion of Crackdown position, how to secure a stalemate.
3. Hip heist to high crotch defense
4. Blocking the cutoff into crackdown (standing high crotch defense)
5. Shoulder slip crackdown.
6. Switch from Standing high crotch defense
7. What to do to beat the headstand
8. Back hooks (and how to beat it)

Fitness Requirements:

1. 80 Perfect push-ups
2. 25 Perfect Pull-ups
3. 2 Rope Climbs (no legs, holding V-sit)

Practice Plan (to be done with a partner):

Basic Drills

  1. Hip Heist to high crotch defense 10x each side
  2. Blocking the cut off and entering into crack down 10x each side
  3. Shoulder slip crack down 10x each side
  4. Switch from standing high crotch 10x each side
  5. Beating the head-stand into high crotch defense 10x each side
  6. Back hooks 10x
  7. Beating back hooks 10x

Complex Drills

  1. 25 Live goes starting in crackdown