Welcome to Level 13 of the Dynamic Wrestling Curriculum

Click on a move to watch the video!

Video Looped Video Important Details
1. 2 hands to control the arm to stop him from spinning. Protect your ankles.
2. An explanation of stalemates
3. The dump
4. The drag-out
5. The Syracuse
6. Beating the Syracuse
7. Switching back and forth between the Dump and the Drag-out
8. Dump to Post-corner single.
9. Cross thumb
10. Head in the hole

Fitness Requirements:

1. 70 Perfect Push-ups
2. 22 Perfect Pull-ups

Practice Plan (to be done with a partner):

Basic Drills

  1. 2 hand to control the arm 10x
  2. Dump 10x
  3. Drag out 10x
  4. Syracuse 10x
  5. Syracuse defense 10x
  6. Dump to post and corner single finish 10x
  7. Cross thumb 10x
  8. head in the hole 10x

Complex Drills

  1. Switching back and forth between dump and drag out 15x