Welcome to Level 11 of the Dynamic Wrestling Curriculum

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  • Did the wrestler remove the half (without using his hands?)
  • Did the wrestler reach under both of his legs to grab his opponent's foot (not reaching between his own legs)?
  • Did the wrestler grab the opponent's foot with both hands, in the middle of his foot, without using his thumbs?
  • Did the wrestler post the opponent's knee, jump over it, and land on his post?
  • Did the wrestler finish in a peterson-like position, with a handcuff?
  • Did the wrestler keep his elbow in (on the side he is holding the opponent's foot)?
  • Video Looped Video Important Details
    1. Starting position (stopping their motion)
  • Did they line up with their half nelson hand on the belly?
  • Was their butt off of their heel? (They should not rest their butt on their own foot)
  • Was their hand grasping the elbow, upside down?
  • Was their leg lined up very close to their opponent’s leg (knee next to knee, foot next to foot [this is the most important part])?
  • Were they able to move to a tight back-pack position?
  • Were they able to stop their opponenet's explosive standup (and other first moves)? Ask the bottom wrestler to try differnet things
  • 2. Review easy side (basic crab ride tilt)
  • Did they line up properly (no space), with their half hand on the belly?
  • Did they keep their knee up and get the tilt?
  • 3. Cross-over start
  • Did they line up properly (no space), with their half hand on the belly?
  • Did the wrestler switch knees, and then snatch the opponent into their lap, with an underhook (not a half, it will become a half during the tilt), and a tight-waist?
  • Did the wrestler go across their butt? If they roll across their back, it is wrong
  • Did the wrestler catch an elevator before arriving in the tilt position
  • 4. Granby-roll crab ride
  • Did they line up properly (no space), with their half hand on the belly, before moving to back-pack?
  • Did they look away from the opponent so they don't hit their face?
  • Did the wrestler land in the tilt, with the elevator?
  • 5. optional start (explanation and crab ride drill)
  • Ask the wrestler to explain what an optional start is
  • Did the wrestler line up behind his opponent, in a square stance?
  • Did the wrestler level change and pounce into his opponent (first match their level, then go forward)
  • Did the wrestler finish in a crab-ride tilt with an elevator?
  • 6. Breakdown version
  • Did they line up properly (no space), with their half hand on the belly?
  • Did they move to backbacp?
  • Did they shift off to the side, while keeping the opponent between their knees? (the opponent should stay between their knees for the duration of the move)
  • Did they drive the wrestler forward, with short choppy steps, using their shin (on the half nelson side) on the opponent's thigh?
  • Did they break the opponent all the way down, collapsing them on top of their shoulder, removing the opponent's ability to position?
  • Did they pull the opponent across their back, to the other side, and land in a crab-ride tilt?
  • Instruct the opponent to maintain a strong base when doing this move. It should take several feet to collapse the opponent's arm before rolling them through.
  • 7. Moving back and forth from side to side
  • Did they line up properly (no space), with their half hand on the belly?
  • 8. The Spider Web Position
  • Spiderweb position (also ask the wrestler to demonstrate the 3 ways he might use his legs)
  • Did the wrestler switch to an underhook?
  • Did the wrestler lean his shoulder in, trapping his opponent’s arm to his chest?
  • Did the wrestler place his top leg between his opponents legs?
  • Did the wrestler demonstrate the version where his bottom leg kicks out his opponent's heel (during a bridge)?
  • Did the wrestler demonstrate the version where he elevate’s his opponent’s thigh, to come back on top?
  • Did the wrestler demonstrate the version where he hooks his leg deep around his opponent’s ankle (an old-school leg), and then lifts his opponent’s leg and comes back on top.
  • 9. The Tetris
  • Tell the wrestler start in the spider web position
  • Did the wrestler push his opponent away from him with his top leg?
  • Did the wrestler move to his knees, and drive with his shoulder, hurting the opponents arm?
  • 10. Jumping over the knee - a mediocre crab ride defense
  • Did the wrestler push the opponent's top knee down with both hands?
  • Did the wrestler rock back, unto his neck, before jumping over the opponent?
  • Did the wrestler finish with a peterson?
  • 11. How to get a short hook
  • Instruct the wrestler to start with a crab-ride tilt, and tell his opponent to push his knee down, as if he is going to jump over
  • Did the wrestler clear both of his opponents hands, by hitting his wrists with both of his wrists?
  • Did the wrestler secure a short hook, and then bring his knee back up into position to stop the opponent from hopping over?
  • 12. Thread the needle to cement mixer
  • Did the wrestler come to his knees while keeping his elbow behind the opponent's back?
  • Did the wrestler use his knees to get the oppoent in position for a cement mixer?
  • Did the wrestler finish with a cement mixer?
  • 13. double short hooks
  • Did the wrestler keep space when getting the 2nd short hook? The wrestler should not situp, they should keep their back on the mat.
  • Did the wrestler use a bipod to go to his forhead, so that he could tilt or pin the oppoenent?
  • Was the wrestler able to switch sides back and forth?
  • 14. Crab-ride defense (and recovery)
    15. Old school leg ride defense into crab-ride defense
  • Did the wrestler put his opponent on his hip, while keeping his own head up, and being on both of his forearms (good posture)?
  • Did the wrestler scoop the opponent's leg out with his knee?
  • Did the wrestler jump both of his feet over, and then use crab-ride defense?
  • Did the wrestler follow all of the steps listed above for crab-ride defense?
  • 16. Half Nelson from the knees
  • Did the wrestler start demonstrating the move while being hip to hip?
  • Did the wrestler get a deep half and a thy pry, step up with his outside leg, and also keep his elbow up, using the half to keep the opponent's hand off the mat?
  • Did the wrestler run in a circle to bring the opponent's wrist closer?
  • Did the wrestler trap the wrist, and roll it, trapping his opponent?
  • Did the wrestler trap the opponent's forehead to the mat?
  • Did the wrestler run it over slowly, finishing with a short hook?
  • 17. Half Nelson from the knees, to crab ride
  • Did the wrestler really try to run the half?
  • When hitting the roll through, was the wrestler able to keep his opponent between his knees?
  • Did the wrestler finish with an elevator? (not mandatory, but preferred)
  • Fitness Requirements:

    1. 50 Perfect Push-ups
    2. 16 Perfect Pull-ups
    3. Rope Climb (no legs, holding V-sit)

    Practice Plan (to be done with a partner):

    Basic Drills

    1. Starting position stopping there motion 10x
    2. Review easy side rab ride tilt 10x
    3. Cross over start 15x
    4. Granby roll crab ride 10x
    5. Breakdown version 20x
    6. Tetris 15x
    7. Jumping over the knee 20x
    8. How to get short hook 10x
    9. Thread the needle to cement mixer 10x
    10. Double short hooks 10x
    11. Crab ride defense and recovery 10x

    Complex Drills

    1. Old school leg ride defense into crab ride defense 10x
    2. Half nelson from the knees into crab ride, into thread the needle, or bipod, or any other crab-ride finish you like 10x