Welcome to Level 1 of the Dynamic Wrestling Curriculum

Watch this video to get started:


Video Looped Video Important Details
The rules of wrestling explained None
Moving in your wrestling stance None Have the wrestler demonstrate the difference between a lead leg stance and a square stance.
  • Did they bend their legs enough?
  • Did they keep their head up?
  • Was their lead-leg hand lower than their knee when in their lead-leg stance?
  • Were their elbows in front of their stomachs in their square stances?
  • Practice keeping your neck up while your partner pulls it down Looped
  • Did they walk forward in their stance and keep their head up?
  • Did they know to use a collar tie-up?
  • The Wrestlers Grip! None
  • Did they know the difference between regular wrestlers grip and “choked up” wrestlers grip?
  • Were they able to do it effortlessly to both sides?
  • The Double Leg Lift Looped
  • Did they put their head down and bend over to get into position? Or did they squat and approach the position with their head up in a good wrestling stance (avoiding a potential snap down)?
  • Did they use wrestler’s grip?
  • Were their legs wider than their opponents? All 4 legs should be in a straight line, with the offensive wrestler’s legs being on the outside (so that they lift with their hips, not their back).
  • Were they able to place their opponent in a pinning combination with control?
  • The Cement Mixer Looped
  • Was their elbow in (to avoid potential “peak-outs”)?
  • Did they lift the wrist with their own wrist? Did they step-up straight and tall?
  • Did they step up twice? (step up, cut across, then step up and pull long to the front?)
  • Did they drop to their hip and crunch the neck?
  • Did they finish with their post leg up? Were they looking at it?
  • Live wrestling from the cement mixer position None

    Fitness Requirements:

    1. Back bridge (No hands), hold for 15 seconds
    2. 10 situps
    3. 1 Negative push-up
    4. Stay in wrestling stance for 30 seconds!
    5. 20 Neck-ups (and side to sides)
    6. Hold plank position 20 seconds

    Practice Plan (to be done with a partner):

    Basic Drills

    Complex Drills